Friday, June 23, 2006

To ALTs Coming to Japan

Yesterday, in my English Teaching Methodologies (ETM3) class a teacher from a junior high school in Morioka, Mr. M, came and talked to us about working at a junior high school. I would like to give you some important information based on Mr. M's talk and my own experience:
  1. Greetings (in Japanese they day aisatsu) in the morning as you come to school such as ohayoo gozaimasu or greeting a student in the hall way such as saying "konncihiwa" are very important. Mr. M said that students like teachers who greet them. When I was an ALT at a junior high school I was very surprised that everyday I came to school there would be 2 students and a teacher at the entrance saying "good morning" to everyone that came in.
  2. One of the main reasons why ALTs are asked to come to Japan is to make students better communicators. Mr. M said that communication is not only speaking; writing and reading are also forms of communication. When we write we are trying to communicate something to the reader and when read we are trying to understand what the writer is trying to say and then consider how that applies to our daily lives. So, it is important to remember that their reading and writing also play an important role in communication.

There is a lot more useful information I can give you, but I want to see what the learners from ETM3 say! You can also read their blogs, they are listed to the right. They will finish by Wednesday, June 28.


happy days said...

Hello, I'm happy days. Thank you for coming to my blog and advising me. I didn't understand the contents of this assignment, but your comment and blog taught me that. So, belatedly I will try to rewrite it a little. Please read and comment on it again then. Thank you.

onchantree said...

Mr.M gave us a class on last thursday. He is a teacher in junior high school, and teach English.
I was interested in his teaching.

In the class, he showed the differences between elementary school and junior high school.
He does only direct about the activities and hand papers and pens out.
We make the class almost and our answer connect to the class learning.
I felt it wonderful because I can feel our thinking are admitted.
I think this feelings are important for the students also.
If they feel like me, they enjoy the class more.
So teachers make the class all of them must take part in the activity.

For example, Mr.M make groups with 3 or 4 people.
The members in a group have his/her own number and each person must explain the result of each number when he return to the group.
It makes them more responsible because if one people can't explain in the group, it is equal that they can't solve the problems.

And he told us "Even if you have not confidence on your life, you must act A TEACHER when you are with the students."
His words impressed theirselves deeply on me.

Finally, his lecture was very important for me.
And I also thought that I wanted to take his class when I was a junior high school student.
I want to make a class like him, and I want to be told the words like me.

amemane said...

I should apologize that my task was late.I tried to meil to you but faild.Then I published it on my blog.Please check it.
Last class was very interesting. These days I study about the school by only book. I don't have a chance to hear real school.Thanks to the class I could imagine school and I have own vision about a teacher.

Anonymous said...

Dear. Teacher trainees

Necessary things to work at JHS
・You have a responsibility
・You have a common sense
・You are always smiling
・You must say greeting

Mr.M said it is important for teachers to move students in class.

That's why You try to make active class. Good luck.

Thank you