Sunday, August 28, 2005

EFL at Primary School through High School in Japan

Updated October 6
Seven aspiring teachers in a Research Methodologies in English Education seminar are blogging. We live in Northern Japan. Some of the students aspire to be elementary school teachers, some junior high school teachers, and others are perhaps undecided. Come October 8, they will begin blogging about issues in education in Japan that concern them, their teaching experiences, or anything else they wish to discuss! Their pages are listed below:

This course will end in January, 2006 for Bonsai, Hope, and YuS but will continue into next fall for the remaining students.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

MMCE Facilitator's Handbook

Welcome to the English Teacher Discussion Forum. This is a blog I use for another class but it will now also be used for MMCE! This post is for the Facilitator's Portfolio I created for a "class" called the "Meeting of Multicultural Educators." The objective of the portfolio is for me to one 1) consider how a strong curriculum can be built for this learning experience and 2) serve as a resource of ideas for other practioners to try and improve on. If you have looked at the portfolio and have any thing you would like to say. Please write a comment to this post.