Friday, July 22, 2005

Teaching Reading

Last week in class we discussed how to teach reading. I would like to ask current teachers and my students the following questions.

For teachers with experience teaching reading: What methods have you used to teach English reading before and why did you select such methods?

For aspiring teachers with no experience teaching reading: What methods do you think would be useful when teaching English reading? Why would you select such methods?

Please submit a comment by Wednesday, July 27.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Which do you think is better???

There are two ways to teach grammar.

★One way is to explain the rules and have students practice the rules. This is calles "deductive approach".

: When you want to say about a singular form of the three person, you put "-s" at the ending of verbs. But there are some verbs to put "-es" and some verbs to change different forms.
① like ⇒ likes (put "~s")
play ⇒plays
② watch ⇒ watches (put "~es")
③ have ⇒ has (different forms)

T: Let's practice !!!                                                                             
Fill in the blanks.
1, I like baseball. ⇒ He ___ baseball.
2, I watch TV everyday. ⇒ She ____ TV everyday.
3, I have a little rabbit. ⇒ Shin ____ a little rabbit.

★The other way is to show the picture or example sentenses and have them notice the rules. This is called "inductive approach".

: I would like you to find the rules from the following sentenses.

1,I like baseball.
2, We have a party.
3,They study English.
4,She plays the piano.
5,He likes red.
6,Mike eats breakfast every morning.

C: I think that when the subject is "I" , "we" and "they", we don't need to do anythig. But when the subject is "he", "she" and someone's name, we put "~s" or "~es" or change into the different forms.

T: Yes, that's right.
When the subject is a singular third person, we need to put "~s" or "~es" or change it to the different words, but we don't need to change forms in others.

Which method do you use???  BY  SNIFFLES!