Friday, October 20, 2006

My Worst Date Ever

This is an assignment for a university English class that I teach. I am going to tell you a story about the worst date I ever had. The story is not finished though. I would like you to finish this story in about 100 words. You can finish the story by writing a comment to this post. We will discuss your endings to this story and what really happened next class. Please try to finish by 6PM on Wednesday. Also, please try to use as many words as you can from the story we read, "wedding customs" and some phrases from the "Meet the Father" dialogue on page 41.

My Worst Date Ever
I was 15-years-old when I met her. I was the time-keeper at a junior high school lacrosse tournament. I was keeping time for the final match and it was extremely thrilling. It was so thrilling, in fact, that I forgot to start the stopwatch after a time-out in the second half. I realized this when the referee asked me how much time was left in the match and the time on my stopwatch was not moving. A girl, the manager for one of the teams, happened to be keeping the time and kindly told me how much time was left. I told the referee and a crises was avoided. After the match, the girl, Debbie, asked if she could have my phone number. I was very thankful that she had saved me from a lot of embarrassment and gave her my telephone number without thinking.
A few days later I received a phone call from Debbie and she asked me to go to the movies. Although I was not interested in having her as a girlfriend, I appreciated how she had helped me at the tournament so I said yes. I told her, though, that I was going to bring a friend and she said fine.
The next week my friend, Tim, and I took the train to Debbie's house. We met Debbie and her friend, Wendy, in front of her house and then started to walk to the movie theater. As we were walking to the movie theater, I noticed that Wendy looked very unhappy and she was not talking to Tim. I also really did not have anything to say to Debbie. I realized that although she was nice, I had nothing to talk to her about: We could not even become friends (which I hoped that we would) because we had nothing in common.
We continued to walk in an uncomfortable silence. A car with 4 noisy high school kids drove by us and I heard one of the kids shout something out the window. A minute later the same car drove by us again. A minute passed again and the car approached us one more time and stopped. A small guy got out of the car. Although he was small for a high school kid, he was bigger than me as I was puny little junior high school kid. His 3 friends in the car were big though. The small guy, looking very angry, approached me and said "Are you the guy who is dating my sister?"
What happened next? Please write a comment to this post.


Anonymous said...

Mr'JH answered thehes brother's question in wrong
And, JH answered Debbie's boyfriend is Tim. At once, ran away from the place.
After, JH determined never meet Debbie agains.
I expected these sentence.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't understand he said.
"What do you mean?"I said in fear.
He was angry.And he said."what is your relation?" I fell silent.Then she said."He? My friend." "Is it true?" He said.
"Yes,it is true."I act bullish said.But,My body trembled all over .Then,he said unexpected."If so make friends were keep on good terms with my sister.O,K?""O,K."I immediately said."Please kindly look after my sister."He said soon left away."Are you O,K?"She said.
But I was left speechless with suprised.

Anonymous said...

I think that the small guy who got out of car is Debbie's brother or Wendy's brother.
Or be in love with Debbie or Wendy.
The small guy is a gealousy human.
So he hate Mr.hall and hall's friend,Tim,and small guy try to keep Mr.hall and Tim away from women.
After all,I guess one of 4 noisy high school kids who ride the car want to approach the woman.

Anonymous said...

I was very surprised at accident.And,I could not judge the situation.Her brother said, "Why do you date with my sister?" ..... "I was invited her." But,I answered.I did not know what to answer.Then Debbie said to brother."I did not say that.I am not having fun.I wanted to go home with you." And,they were gone.We were in troubled.So,we had finished the bad date.

Anonymous said...

From the small guy's saying,I understood he is Debbie or Wendy's brother.The small guy assumed that I and Tim were Debbie or Wendy's boy friend.It was mistaken.
I want to clear up the misunderstanding but I was puny little junior high school kid.Though he was a "small"guy,he was a high school student.I was afraid of the small guy.
However,I got up nerve and said "I think that you have a misunderstanding." But the small guy was very ungry,"Misunderstanding?I don't know what you meen!"he said.
I said someting but the small guy didn't hear.I felt nearly get his punch,but Debbie said,"You have misunderstand,brother!Please return your friends!" The small guy looked surprised,and said "The guy isn't your boy friend?"
Debbie said "No kidding!"
…The small guy understood that I'm not Debbie's boyfriend. But we had still awkward silence by Debbie said "No kidding"…
It was very worst date.

Anonymous said...

I’m very surprised and I couldn’t act. When the guy said “It doesn’t matter that my sister Debbie is dating. But do you have responsibility!? If you don’t have responsibility, I never permit!” the guy’s face was more angry Wendy was unhappy.
We couldn’t understand the sudden occurrence and we couldn’t act still. The guy looked nothing action and finally he started sermon long time.
After all, we couldn’t go anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Stern friend girl's brother said to Mr.JH,"Who are you?What relationship
between you and my sister?"
Mr.JH answered him,"My name is Holl.Your sister is a friend of mine.We are
playing together as usual."
However he began to get angry,because his sister began to cry!
The reason why she cry was she loved Mr.JH!
But Mr.JH has not noticed that.
Mr.JH was obtuse in love,and thick-skinned.(I'm sorry.But it is made-
up story.)
Mr.JH was hit by him eventually.
It goes without saying that love of she and Mr.JH was not accomplish.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised because the guy had said suddenly, and I thought the guy was Wendy's brother or Debbie's brother from the content.
Then Debbie said
"This man is my friend!".
But the guy did not believe what Debbie said, and the guy began to me a sermon.
Although I said many times "no! no!", the guy was still angry while saying "You're kidding!".
The guy did not give permission to escape to me.
Because this state continued for some time, Wendy went home.
Eventually we were late for a start time of the movie.

This is my worst day.

Anonymous said...

I was not able to understand well what he wanted to say at first.
The understanding is only that he was the brother of Debbie or Wendy.
the air of silence flowed and only his violent respiratory sound was heard.
I felt they thought that I have associated with Wendy.
I who begin to understand it explained that he is only a friend.
However, he takes Wendy and has returned without his attitude changing.
It had been the one worst day for me on that day.

Anonymous said...

The small guy, looking very angry, approached me and said "Are you the guy who is dating my sister?"
Mr.Hall said “I'm Hall." and, The small guy said, What are you doing with my sister? Mr.Hall said We are going to the movies." "This is true. I invited him”Debbie said. The small guy said," I don't permit you if you make my sister bored" The small guy returned car.
After, Mr.Hall held out to make Debbie bored. And, When Mr.hall returned, said,"Today was very happy! Tank you Hall."
That night, Mr.Hall's home phone rang. The phone was The small guy. The small guy said "My sister said that she had had felt very happy time. I was happy when I heard it. You are nice guy!"
Finally, Mr.Hall made friends with the small guy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr.Hall! I'm your english class student nozomi sasaki.

The men who rode on the car step off from the car and we was encircled by men.
And the small guy asked me again "Are you the guy who is dating my sister?"
Then we tried to excuse him "We came across her there"
But the small guy didn't bilieve my excuse. His anger didn't calm.
Then I and Tim were hit him and he took up Debbie and Wendy his car.
They went back home.
The day which my worst date exer.

Anonymous said...

I staggered and said,"What's on your mind?". And,the small guy said,"Are you the guy who is dating my sister?"again. I realized that the small guy is Debbie's brother. And the small guy said,"Give us money!". I said that he didn't have money. Then,the small guy said,"Talk is cheap.",and robbed of my wallet,and looked into it. The small guy said,"That's peanuts! But I got.",then the small guy and his 3friends ran off.
I saw Debbie,she was shaking with terror. I heard her talk,it seems that she just don't know the small guy.
I was blackmailed by a stranger...

Anonymous said...

Mr.Hall was not able to belive this happeng, and thohugt "I want to return to the my house".
But a high school kids looked very exciting.Mr.Hall shouted.
"Run away here"
A high school kids did not chasing us. After that they looked movie enjoyed.but Mr.Hall did not enjoyed
this date.

Anonymous said...

To tell the truth, Her elder brother was a person who loved the same sex. And his friend too. He send her to the house , Afterwards he come back with a very very nice smile. Hall and Hall’s friend was could not move. Because they were very surprised. After that they are went to the Movie theater with hand ties , and they watched a love story movie.

Anonymous said...

I was frightened.
"What's on your mind?We are nere friends.We didn't date!We have been playing!"
"Oh!sorry!I didn't know."Debbie's brother said.
"Please kindly look my sister.See you."He left that place.
I felt releaved.But Debbie looking very ungry.
She said"Unbelievable!You don't care for me!You are the lowest boy!"
She slapped my cheek,and she went back home.

This is my worst date!

Anonymous said...

Mr.Hall has not understood what he meant. Mr.Hall asked him like this, "Who is your brother?" Then, he said,"I'm Wendy's brother, Why Wendy looks unhappy? I've not give you permission to associate with Wendy." and he were gone beating up Mr.hall.

Anonymous said...

The small guy was looked like very angry.

So I was afreid of him and his friends.

I couldn't speak anything.

The small guy tryed to hit me.

Debbie said don't hit him!


The small guy said to Debbie , "come home together."

Debbie who gets into a car wihtout saying anything.

The car was gone away.

I was standing and was not able to say anything.

Thereafter I did not talk with Debbie.

This was my worst date.

Anonymous said...

I said "No, don't dating".
He said "really? What has you relationship to her?".
I have a friend relation to her.
I don't like her.
She became a unhappy expression.
He looked very angry.
There isn't such utterance.
If you and my sister are just a friend, it utterance is bad.
Because, she asked you go to the movies, my sister in a few favor to you.
Think about a feeling of her.
He rided car, going away.
We became very awkward, went home.

This day was my worst date.

I late writing this blog.
Sorry, Mr.H...

Anonymous said...

Hall was supprised.Debbie's brother looks to hall like a gang.
“What was relationship between you and debbie!!”
He shouted.
Hall wanted no part in debbie,but hall was afraid of debbie's brother.
Hall spoke.“I have been going out with she.”
He spoke to her.“Really?”
She spoke to him.“It is the truth!”
He spoke to hall.“I don't admit that you have been going out with debbie.Have a fight to me!!!”
Hall had a bad felling.
Hall lost a fight to him on purpose.
He spoke to hall.“Don't be approach to debbie!!! ”
Hall felt relief.
Hall didn't meet to debbie again.

Anonymous said...

The small guy was Debbie's brother and he looked like very strong.
hall said with frightened,"Yes."
He thought that he would beat up by all means.but,the moment,the small guy smiled and said to hall
"I like you.Because you are very brave."He said only it and returned.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i think debbie used to invite a boy out, just like she did to you, and her brother never knew that you just went out with her once, i think his brother angry with you because he thought you just fool her and never be serious, he only knew that his sister went out with a boy, never knew whcih boy.that's what i think for now