Friday, May 12, 2006

My Son's Language Acquisition after 1 year and 8 months

In the past month and a half my son's vocabulary has increased at an absolutely explosive pace. He seems to be saying something new every day. My son says both English and Japanese words, but he has yet to say more than one word in one sentence unless it is a fixed phrase. I thought that I would list the words I think he knows and approximately which month he started saying them. The words in italics are Japanese. He will actually repeat a lot of what he hears but the below words are what he says on his own. You can listen to some of the words by clicking on them.

September/October 2005
Daddy (His first word!)

November/December 2005
achi (=there!)
baba (=granny)
bye bye
anpanman(= beanpaste man - a popular cartoon character)

January/February 2006
What's that?
atta (A Japanese verb he uses when he finds something he was looking for.)
denki (light)

March 2006
atsui (hot)
one, two, three
wan wan (= bark bark or doggy)
oishii (= delicious - he said this once in November but did not say it again until March)
deta (Can be translated as "It went out". My son says this after he poos.)

April 2006
ba-gu (= hamburger)
pee pee
poo poo
okataduke (=let's clean up)
how are you?
issai (=one-year old)
momo (The name of his Japanese grandparents' dog)
ojiji (Great grandfather)
obaba (Great grandmother)
paipai (breast)
mimi (ear)
douzo (It means "here you are" but my son uses it to say "give me this!"
pooh (Winnie the Pooh)
banana (he says "ba")

May, 2006
densha (train)
Raliegh (The name of the daughter of a friend)
sensei (teacher)
this way
possessive s his first grammar!
no no san (the mother of a friend)
mao kun (a friend)


nyanmage said...

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Sean said...


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I am looking forward to contributions by yourself and if you could post a little promo on your blog I would be very grateful. Sorry for the off-topic comment.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ms.JH.
I'm Kho's mam.Nice to meet you.
I found your blog accindentally.I want to learn English with blog in English. I was looking for baby's blog. So I also have a son! He's also 1 year and 8 months.(His birthday Sep.2004) And I have taught JAPANESE in Thailand once. Your blog is shaped to my learning English!
I was so glad to find your blog.I'll see this blog sometime.
Thank you for reading my no good English comment.
P.S. My son and I like "Thomas The Thank Engine"DVD in English.

JH said...

Hello Kho's Mom,
Thanks for your comment, I am very happy that you are reading my blog.
My son's birthday is in the same month as your son, what a coincidence! I hope to speak to you again on the blog.
Mr. JH

Michael Lawrence Chappell said...

Hi There,

I am living in Sendai for 8 months, Mike plays basketball here. My son (18 months) just began daycare and I was interested in whether or not your son picked up his Japanese vocabulary while at daycare.


JH said...

Hi Creative Mai,
My son picked up his Japanese from his mother. I use English in the house and his mother uses Japanese. He also visits his grandparents in Hokkaido sometimes and all of his playmates are Japanese. I would say that his Japanese is a little more advanced than his English in that he can speak longer utterances in Japanese.
Thanks for your comment!

JH said...

Let me add one more thing. At first I thought you were Japanese but from reading your blog I don't think so. I think that you child can learn a lot of Japanese in the day care. I knew a couple from Kenya who only used English in the house and had their daughter attend day care. The daughter spoke fluent Japanese. In fact, their daughter preferred Japanese over English. She was born in Japan, though.
I hope that you will write about your child's language development on your blog. I am very interested.
Enjoy Sendai too, I think it is a really nice city.