Sunday, April 09, 2006

A conversation with my son

Keywords: Baby language
I speak English to my son and my wife speaks Japanese but he seems to have learned some kind of other language as his first. Whatever he speaks, I love it.
Click hereto listen:
You can listen to more of my son on my voice blog

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Guy Jean said...

God, Jamie, this is unbearably cute! I had Firefox open with about a zillion tabs, iTunes up and running and updating stuff, and suddenly this sound file starts. I click around in iTunes but can't identify it! What is it!!? Later, I click on your blog and there it is!
I read somewhere that human babies in their babbling phase can (or is it "do"?) make all the sounds that are used in human languages, and that through what they hear around them, they gradually limit that just the sounds they hear. Sounds like your kid is in the "global" stage! I thought I detected some English words or sounds, and also some Japanese in there somewhere.
Enjoy it. This period is over all too quickly. And what is to come is even more fun and exciting.