Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My Baby's Voice

I have a 14 month old son and recently he started saying real, intelligible words! In fact, his first word was "Daddy"! You can imagine how happy I was!
I have made a voice blog and will be periodically posting my son's word of the day; his mother speaks to him in Japanese and I speak to him in English so it will be interesting to see how his language develops. The site is in Japanese and English. The link to the voice blog is here.


Chrissan said...

Hi Jamie, this is really one of the most interesting and exciting uses of blogging!I have bookmarked your blog and am eagerly waiting to participate in your son's linguistical development!!!!
Kudos to your wife and yourself for sharing these precious progresses!
/Chrissan, webhead from Sweden

Daf said...

Hey Jamie! This is a great way to report the process of language acquisition.

I have sent the link to my colleagues in the Masters Program in Applied Linguistics at Universidad Simon Bolivar in Caracas, Venezuela.

Way to go! and thanks for sharing :-)

Dafne, a webhead in Action from Caracas, Venezuela.

Bee said...

Jamie..this is fantastic and a very valuable record.
Thanks for sharing it with the world :-)

PaddyG said...

Am having trouble opening the link to the voice page: - address look right for the voice blog?

PaddyG said...
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JH said...

Hi Paddyg,
Thanks for your interest in the voice blog. The following link, , works for me. The site is in Japanese and English. If your computer cannot show Japanese characters and you are using internet explorer, then a pop-up window should appear asking you if you want to download a Japanese character add-in. Perhaps, this could be causing you some kind of problem?