Friday, July 15, 2005

Which do you think is better???

There are two ways to teach grammar.

★One way is to explain the rules and have students practice the rules. This is calles "deductive approach".

: When you want to say about a singular form of the three person, you put "-s" at the ending of verbs. But there are some verbs to put "-es" and some verbs to change different forms.
① like ⇒ likes (put "~s")
play ⇒plays
② watch ⇒ watches (put "~es")
③ have ⇒ has (different forms)

T: Let's practice !!!                                                                             
Fill in the blanks.
1, I like baseball. ⇒ He ___ baseball.
2, I watch TV everyday. ⇒ She ____ TV everyday.
3, I have a little rabbit. ⇒ Shin ____ a little rabbit.

★The other way is to show the picture or example sentenses and have them notice the rules. This is called "inductive approach".

: I would like you to find the rules from the following sentenses.

1,I like baseball.
2, We have a party.
3,They study English.
4,She plays the piano.
5,He likes red.
6,Mike eats breakfast every morning.

C: I think that when the subject is "I" , "we" and "they", we don't need to do anythig. But when the subject is "he", "she" and someone's name, we put "~s" or "~es" or change into the different forms.

T: Yes, that's right.
When the subject is a singular third person, we need to put "~s" or "~es" or change it to the different words, but we don't need to change forms in others.

Which method do you use???  BY  SNIFFLES!


Gami said...

I will use both of methods one after the another, because I think each of methods have good points. If we use the deductive approach, we will be able to teach students the grammar correctly and quickly. And if we use the inductive approach, we will be able to use students' imagination and ability to guess to help them understand the material. I think if students could notice the new material, they will not forget is easily.
I think it is important for teachers to mix both of methods.

Anonymous said...

I agree with "gami", but I have different opinion a little.

I mainly use deductive approach because I want students to have many exercise to practice. We teach English in a quite limited time, 105 class a year by 50 min. If I use inductive approach, there is no enough time to make students use English. To have students speak/write English, we have to save the time.

Inductive approach is useful for memorize something deeply, but only some students, always those who go to cram school, notice the important points in the class. So to be aquired something, I think it is better to teach the grammar point first, then use many in the Jr high situation.

We can create more interesting class with the deductive approach with our imagination.
The problem is how to do.

Anonymous said...

Hi all, it's a beautiful day here in Hokkaido!
Well, I normally use the deductive approach in my class because it's easier for me...I must admit that I am not a very good teacher.
Seriously, using the inductive method in a classroom with 40 students doesn't seem effective to me. I could use it, but in that case most of my students will give up to take part in the discussion.
But it could be interesting for a small class with several students who are keen to lean English. Like a collage level class. I wish I could purely enjoy my teaching without getting annoyed by some devilish kids...

Anonymous said...

Sorry I forgot to put my name in the last comment. It was from Atz.


Anonymous said...

I use both methods. Which methods I use, it will depend on my students and the day's grammer points. Only one method will make our class bored and stereotype. We have to use both methods thinking student's condition, atmosphere and many things.

Anonymous said...

I want to use inductive approach. Because in the case, for students, we can give oppotunities to notice some roles.
To notice oneself is very important, I think. But, this way take very long time to teach grammars. So, I really use both material to teach.

Olive said...

I think both methods have some good points and bad points.I would like to use inductive approach than deductive approach if it were possible.Because I think deductive approach tends to make students bored. In contrast to it, inductive approach can attract students' attention I think. In this approach, students can use their imagination. It is effctive way to learn new materials. But if we only used this method, it might not be effective, I think. So we should choice the one of the method depends on the circumstances or mix them.

Anonymous said...

I think induction approach is better.Because, it is important to understand by oneself.But if I teach grammer,al of students can notice that point?? I worry about that. So, we should use that two pattern. We should be carefull in our choice according to cercumstance or use both of two.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I would like to give my oppinion concerning inductive and deductive approaches. Well, in my oppinion inductive is very much effective, because the purpose is that learners use the thinking method, not just memorize what the teacher tells them. In my case when I went to school, I used to memorize the rules, for the purpose of passing a test, but in the end none of that teaching was effective. Deductive method should be used only to reinforce the rule, to make sure that the learner, did actually learned the point of the rule.

Anonymous said...

hi! thank you for this site, since it helped me a lot in coming up to so much ideas about my assignment in masteral.

can u cite more examples?
thank you!

-princess habibah macadaag of marawi city

Anonymous said...

for me i determine the approach that i will use according to my students` nature and their abilities and which way they prefered most.i prefer to mix between both approaches to make good use of each one