Friday, May 02, 2008

The MMCE Blog

This year I am teaching an "international understanding class" at the university. I call it the "Meeting of Multicultural Educators" or MMCE. In years past MMCE members have formed 5 to 6 "common learning groups" with each group studying a different country. The highlight of MMCE is the "Breaking Down National Stereotypes Discussion" where members of each country being studied come and we have a big discussion about the validity of the stereotypes of the various countries. In the last MMCE meeting (we do not call MMCE a class), the different groups teach each other about their countries of concentrations. In MMCE, we have also spent time studying Geert Hofstede's 5 Dimensions of cultural values as a way to consider the root of misunderstandings between members of different cultures and ways to prevent them.

One of the weaknesses of MMCE in previous years has been that most of the knowledge that we have accumulated has been superficial or trivial information about countries. Rarely did we focus on serious issues we and other countries face and how we can perhaps cooperate to solve these issues. Thus, this year I have added a "global issues" element to MMCE where each CLG focuses more on studying a global issue than a country. Tim Grose's Global Issues in English textbook has served as an invaluable reference for how I can encourage MMCE members to teach each other about their global issue of expertise in English. MMCE has a blog where I write the minutes of each meeting as well as post materials and video of the meeting. MMCE members write comments on what they learned/experienced. If you are interested in the blog, please have a look here.


Maruchan said...

Hello, Jimbo.
This year MMCE sounds interesting! I hope that MMCE members can acquire a more international way of thinking through activities.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip on the Global Issues textbook- unfortunately I don't get to take part in anything as interesting as MMCE, but I reckon I could probably adapt it for my IELTS classes.

Anonymous said...

I like the word association activities in Global Issues. They should work well as a jumping off point for conversation or research, and make the students more aware of the problems and cultures of the modern world. I'm interested in hearing how well the book works in the classroom. Keep us posted.

Unknown said...

Hey Jimbo,

I came across your blog tonight, and just wanted to say that I've found it very informative and intriguing thus far.

I just returned from an 8 month teaching stint in Cambodia, and am interested in pursuing more ESL teaching opportunities.


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Anonymous said...

You offer excellent ideas and resources for us teachers here.. I enjoyed reading your post.

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georgesandford said...

Hi Jimbo,

Thanks for producing a great blog. I teach and write in Poland and I've just written a piece about my observations - looks like I'm stereotyping- woops! I'd be interested in participating in shared learning on the international theme. George

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Hey Jimbo

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Hi Jimbo-
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